Never let an injury hold you back. 

Progressive 1-on-1 Physical Therapy in Scottsdale Arizona

Scottsdale Physical Therapy

Individual Treatment for Athletes

The old route of Physical Therapy is out. All our treatments are made for YOU and what you're trying to get back to.

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Training for your sport

We help golfers, crossfitters, and every day athelets get out of pain and optimize what they love doing. 

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Latest techniques

Our PTs have all newest tools in their toolbelt. Whether you're looking for dry needling, manual therapy or any of the latest techniques, we got you!

Scottsdale Physical Therapy

Pinnacle Performance and Wellness

The best Physical Therapy in Scottsdale for Active Adults

Have injuries ever stopped you from pushing it in a workout? Prevented you from playing a full 18? Had to say no to a Saturday morning run with friends? When you can't do what you love, you lose a piece of yourself. We help Active Adults continue doing what they love, and do it better!

Your path to living pain-fee

We personalize everyone's road back to full strength

With our 3-step process, you get the guide and personalized road-map you've always needed


You talk, we listen. We want to hear what you're currently dealing with, what hasn't worked in the past, and how our style of Physical Therapy to get you to where you want to be.


60 Minutes dedicated to you. We'll chat about your current limitations, and go through a sport specific full body evaluation to determine the root cause of what's going on. From there, we'll create a gameplan of what's next.


And a plan designed specifically for you. Imagine having someone to quarterback your health. You'll action on a specific plan to not only get you out of pain, but to change your whole health and wellness routine. This is PT at Pinnacle! 


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Looking to shave strokes off your game? Physical Therapy could be the missing piece. Have an ace in your back pocket all season long with our Golf Specific Physical Therapy

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If you have a body, you're an athlete. Whether you're getting back to running, pushing it in the gym, or trying to optimize your sport of choice we are the only place in Scottsdale for Athletes to get Physical Therapy

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Crossfitter? Active gym goer? Just want to get your weekly workouts in without pain and hesitation? Physical Therapy is your answer. We provide an option for active adults to get the Physical Therapy they deserve. 

How we get you out of pain, and better than ever


Ever have an injury no one can fix? Dry needling might be your solution. If applicable, Dry Needling comes within your session


We use only the gold standard Manual Therapy Methods. Joint mobilizations, instrument assisted soft tissue therapy, and cupping. Whatever your body needs, we do it.


You can't get back to your sport and push it harder than ever without strength training. During AND after your rehab process, strength training is a huge part of getting back to being an athlete


Recover and get out of pain like the Pros do. Cupping is another tool in our Physical Therapy tool belt to increase blood flow and help muscles recover

Meet your Physical Therapist!

Scottsdale Physical Therapy

Doctor AJ Kimmich

Owner, Doctor of Physical Therapy

Check out our space!

We are conveniently located for everyone in Scottsdale

Our Scottsdale location just recently changed to 7655 e Evans rd suite 100 Scottsdale Az 85260
 We are also inside of Blur Fitness

Trusted by all of Scottsdale to get out of pain, and back to their active life

My Swing Savior.

I highly recommend AJ Kimmich to anyone who is looking for improvements to their golf swing, or even overall physical performance!!



Dr. Kimmich is amazing!

After four sessions and essentially learning how to walk again – I have experienced no pain or flareups in my ankle! I could not be more appreciative and satisfied with my results.



My only regret is that I put it off as long as I did!

While training for a half-marathon, I developed terrible shin splints. After my first visit, I was able to run a half-mile almost pain free.


Marathon Runner

I met with Dr. Kimmich in an effort to improve the overall mobility and lessen pain/strain. I could not be more appreciative and satisfied with my results.



Ready to get started? Take step 1 NOW!

Book your free 15-minute phone consultation

Every potential patient starts with a FREE 15-minute discovery call. You talk, we listen. We take this 15 minutes to hear about your injury history, what it's stopping you from doing, and how Pinnacle PT can help. This is the first step of your ultra-personalized gameplan.

Where do we start? If you've had PT in the past, we can promise your experience with us will be like nothing you've ever had. All our sessions are 1-on-1, 60 minutes. The full time with your doctor. Never passed off to an aide or student. It's the treatment you deserve! 

We provide Physical Therapy for Athletes and Active Adults. Often times this includes dry needling, strength training, joint mobilizations, cupping, and much more. It always depends on what you need. 

Your first step is to book a FREE phone consult. From there, you'll talk with a member of our team to here what you're dealing with, and tell you more about us. Then, you'll come in for a full body initial evaluation. Here, we'll determine what the root cause of your injury is, and what's holding you back. Most importantly, we'll map out the next three months and create an action plan on how we get you to your goals. Then, we execute the plan with weekly sessions.