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Performance Physical Therapy in Scottsdale Arizona


It's almost like you lose a small piece of yourself. If you're an active individual, whether it's hitting the gym, golfing every weekend, or running 20 miles a week not being able to do what you love hurts.

The worst part? Knowing where to go get help. You know that normal PT won't suit your needs. So where do you turn? That's where Pinnacle Performance and Wellness comes into play. 

Scottsdale Physical Therapy

Your tailor-made plan back to pushing it at 100%

With our 3-step process, you get the guide and personalized road-map you've always needed


You talk, we listen. We want to hear what you're currently dealing with, what hasn't worked in the past, and how our style of Physical Therapy to get you to where you want to be.


60 Minutes dedicated to you. We'll chat about your current limitations, and go through a sport specific full body evaluation to determine the root cause of what's going on. From there, we'll create a gameplan of what's next.


And a plan designed specifically for you. Imagine having someone to quarterback your health. You'll action on a specific plan to not only get you out of pain, but to change your whole health and wellness routine. This is PT at Pinnacle! 

Pinnacle Performance and Wellness

The best Physical Therapy in Scottsdale for Active Adults

Have injuries ever stopped you from pushing it in a workout? Prevented you from playing a full 18? Had to say no to a Saturday morning run with friends? When you can't do what you love, you lose a piece of yourself. We help Active Adults continue doing what they love, and do it better!

Scottsdale Physical Therapy

How are we different?

From the moment you book your free phone consult, through your ongoing sessions you'll receive the highest level of one-on-one care. Think of it as if you have a dedicated Doctor that you can ask health related questions to 24/7. 

Just had surgery? Suffering from a sprain? Step right in. Your first day we’ll measure your strength, flexibility, and how you move, not just to jot down numbers, but to chart your path back to your peak.

Your PT is part detective, part strategist; they'll unravel the mystery of your discomfort and script a personalized plan of care. It’s not just about getting better, it’s about aiming for your best.

At PPW, you’re the VIP in patient-centered care, and no plan is set in stone without your nod. We team up, setting goals that aren’t just focused, but fanatically tailored to the things you love.



Ever had to pull the brakes during a workout because of an injury? Missed out on the full 18 holes? Had to turn down a Saturday morning jog with the crew? When you're sidelined, it feels like part of you is missing. At our clinic, we help Active Adults not just get back to their favorite activities, but excel at them. We're here to make sure you can keep doing what you love, and do it even better!

Physical Therapy Scottsdale


Every session. Every time. Getting out of pain and back to your sport takes a very individualized approach. At Pinnacle, you work with the same Doctor of Physical Therapy throughout your full plan of care. 

Dry Needle Scottsdale


If you have pain that has just never quite gone away, Dry Needling might be the answer. This progressive modality is meant for people getting back to a high level of activity. Pair this with our manual therapy and strength training. This is the care you deserve.

Physical Therapy Scottsdale


The missing part of your rehab could be specific strength training based on your injury history and what sport you're trying ot get back to. This is what set's Pinnacle apart. All your 'PT' sessions transition into strength training to not only get out of pain, but get you stronger than ever before. Get ready to sweat.

Golf Physical Therapy Scottsdale


Looking to shave strokes off your game? Physical Therapy could be the missing piece. Have an ace in your back pocket all season long with our Golf Specific Physical Therapy

Sports Physical Therapy Scottsdale


If you have a body, you're an athlete. Whether you're getting back to running, pushing it in the gym, or trying to optimize your sport of choice we are the only place in Scottsdale for Athletes to get Physical Therapy

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Crossfitter? Active gym goer? Just want to get your weekly workouts in without pain and hesitation? Physical Therapy is your answer. We provide an option for active adults to get the Physical Therapy they deserve. 

Meet your Physical Therapist!

Scottsdale Physical Therapy

Doctor AJ Kimmich

Owner, Doctor of Physical Therapy

Scottsdale's best Sports Physical Therapy clinic, treating athletes everyday

Dr. Kimmich is excellent!

I pinched a nerve in my back, and after the first session, I instantly felt improvement and less discomfort. I’ve been seeing PT’s for the last 6 years and AJ by far the best! He narrows down the issue, puts together a personalized plan and provides one-on-one attention.



I met with Dr. Kimmich in an effort to improve the overall mobility and lessen pain/strain. I could not be more appreciative and satisfied with my results.



My only regret is that I put it off as long as I did!

While training for a half-marathon, I developed terrible shin splints. After my first visit, I was able to run a half-mile almost pain free.


Marathon Runner

My Swing Savior.

I highly recommend AJ Kimmich to anyone who is looking for improvements to their golf swing, or even overall physical performance!!



Dr. Kimmich is amazing!

After four sessions and essentially learning how to walk again – I have experienced no pain or flareups in my ankle! I could not be more appreciative and satisfied with my results.



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Every potential patient starts with a FREE 15-minute discovery call. You talk, we listen. We take this 15 minutes to hear about your injury history, what it's stopping you from doing, and how Pinnacle PT can help. This is the first step of your ultra-personalized gameplan.

Sports Physical Therapy