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Combining Manual Therapy with Gym-Based Exercises in Scottsdale, AZ

  • July 8 2024
  • Pinnacle Performance and Wellness
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At Pinnacle Performance and Wellness in Scottsdale, AZ, owner Dr. AJ Kimmich - Physical Therapist has crafted a unique approach to physical therapy that combines the best of manual therapy with targeted gym-based exercises. This holistic method not only addresses immediate pain relief but also promotes long-term health and mobility.

The Pinnacle Performance and Wellness Approach

Pinnacle Performance and Wellness, nestled in the heart of Scottsdale, operates as a cash-based practice within a CrossFit gym, offering a seamless blend of traditional manual therapy and modern exercise techniques. This combination ensures that patients receive comprehensive care tailored to their specific needs.

Dry Needling Physical Therapy Scottsdale

The Role of Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is a cornerstone of the treatments at Pinnacle Performance and Wellness. Our Physical Therapist utilizes various techniques, including:

  • Thoracolumbar Mobilizations: These are especially beneficial for improving spinal mobility, crucial for athletes, particularly golfers.
  • Dry Needling: This technique helps in relieving both chronic and acute pain by stimulating muscle recovery and reducing inflammation.

By addressing these physical issues through manual therapy, patients often experience immediate relief from pain, which is a critical first step before progressing to gym-based exercises.

Integrating Gym-Based Exercises

Following manual therapy, patients at Pinnacle Performance and Wellness transition to gym-based exercises. This step is essential for reinforcing the benefits gained during manual therapy and for improving overall strength and mobility. Our physical therapist emphasizes a balanced approach, spending approximately 50% of the treatment time on manual therapy and the remaining 50% on exercises. This dual approach helps in:

Refining Movement Mechanics: Ensuring that patients perform exercises correctly is crucial to avoiding future injuries. At Pinnacle Performance and Wellness we place a strong emphasis on refining movement mechanics. This process involves:
  • Detailed Assessments: Each patient undergoes a thorough evaluation to identify any movement deficiencies or improper techniques.
  • Targeted Corrections: Based on the assessment, our physical therapist in Scottsdale provides specific corrections and adjustments to ensure exercises are performed safely and effectively.
  • Education and Training: Patients are educated about the importance of proper form and technique. This education includes hands-on training and verbal cues to reinforce correct movement patterns.
  • Preventative Strategies: By teaching patients how to move correctly, Pinnacle Performance and Wellness helps prevent re-injury and promotes long-term health. This approach is especially important for athletes who are at a higher risk of injury due to the intensity of their sports.

Strength + Mobility Training in Physical Therapy

Building strength and enhancing mobility are essential components of the physical therapy programs at Pinnacle Performance and Wellness. Our team designs customized workout plans that cater to each individual's needs. This involves:

  • Personalized Workout Plans: Each patient receives a tailored exercise regimen based on their specific conditions, goals, and abilities. These plans are designed to address weaknesses, improve flexibility, and enhance overall fitness.
  • Progressive Training: Exercises are progressively adjusted to match the patient's improvement and increasing capabilities. This ensures continuous development and avoids plateaus.
  • Functional Movements: The workout plans focus on functional movements that mimic everyday activities and sports-specific actions. This helps in improving overall performance and reducing the risk of injuries during real-life activities.
  • Comprehensive Support: Patients receive ongoing support and monitoring from our team  to ensure they are progressing as planned. Adjustments are made as needed to keep the workouts effective and aligned with the patient’s recovery and fitness goals.

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Why This Approach in Physical Therapy Works

The success of this combined approach at Pinnacle Performance and Wellness lies in its ability to provide a holistic treatment plan. Patients not only receive immediate pain relief through manual therapy but also work on long-term health goals with gym exercises. This method is particularly effective for the diverse clientele in Scottsdale, including CrossFit athletes and golfers, who require specialized care to optimize their performance and prevent injuries.


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